Ministry Needs For Pastors And Evangelists

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Ministry needs in India
Transportation needs for pastors and evangelists:
Many pastors in rural and forest areas take the word of God to surrounding villages and unreached tribal groups by walking many miles a day. Any other mode of transportation would help reach more people in a shorter time.
• Each cycle costs - $100
• Each reconditioned motor bike costs - $650
Incomplete Church buildings:
Many Pastors do not have church buildings. Believers gather in small huts or under trees. It is very difficult to meet and worship regularly during rainy season and summer. A small one room shed would go a long way and enable the church to meet regularly and reach out to the surrounding areas with the message of the gospel.

Pastor Joseph, Makkapeta Krishna District is a wonderful man of God. He started a church with the help of church believers. He and his family put all their efforts to complete the church but they themselves are in financial difficulties. His wife’s health is not good. They are unable to pay rent in house they are currently living in and are being forced to vacate. This poor pastor family is requesting financial support to complete the church roof and additional room for his family.
Support needed to complete construction - $1000.
Help AIDS infected families
Every month selected AIDS families come together to get food packets. The cost of food for a family is $20 per month. A family can receive food for an entire year for $240. Good nutritious food can extend…

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