Ministry Project Strategy

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Chapter 5: Ministry Project Strategy: Goals and Plans
The mentorship program is established to keep prostitutes from entering back into the conformity of the world in the hope of teaching the congregation as well as the leaders to understand the diversity of the culture. When the prostitutes visit the churches, the Ushers, as well as the pastor and the associate pastors, should show the love of Jesus through their actions shown from the teaching and understand themselves when they did sinful acts. The evaluation and outcome of the project should show an increase in membership through word of mouth of how people of diverse culture are received and treated.
There has been no previous analysis yet of the parts of the ministry project. However, the primary audience is the church body. The person(s) who will be providing the leadership of the ministry project is the church appointed team leaders, per their personality results and their spiritual gifts that are given by God.
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The project will also require regular phone calls, announcements, reports on the progress of the program, and posting the program on social media in the hope that other active prostitutes and lost souls would come out to the mentorship Bible study to observe in the hopes of partaking in the questionnaire. The mentors would use teaching materials such as books and articles on different areas of mentorships dealing with prostitutes and their lifestyles. Handouts of Biblical scriptures to help give strength, encouragement to press through their rejections of some church members, and other former prostitutes testimonies about how other churches has been a huge contribute to enduring the challenges faced in the
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