Minnesota State Fair Essay

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The Great Minnesota Get-Together The Minnesota State Fair has been rated #1 in the nation by USA Today readers. This pretty much sums up most minnesotans thoughts about the state fair. We can see people's hype for the State Fair from its elaborate nickname all the way to its average attendance. Even though the fair is so popular, it leaves many other people wondering why is the Minnesota State Fair so important to some people. The answer to this questions is for many reasons. The most important reason why the State Fair is so popular is for the amazing livestock, food and all the wonderful attractions. The food at the state fair really draws a lot of people to it. The state fair has many different varieties of food that everyone loves. The State fair offers things as simple as hot dogs all the way to unique foods like Kool-aid pickles. This variety of food reels in people all over Minnesota and beyond because who doesn’t want to try deep fried bacon!(The minnesota State Fair offers that!) Another reason why the food draws people in is because their are so many foods…show more content…
One reason for this is because their are many competitions the state fair for the biggest or best livestock which brings in many farmers. The reason why these competitions bring so many farmers to the State Fair is because there are so many of them in the rural areas of minnesota which leads to more livestock. The farmers bring their livestock to the fair because they want to win the competitions. Another reason why the livestock bring people to the fair is for the sheer reason that people just want to see the animals. The Minnesota State Fair has so many types of livestock and a lot of each kind so it makes it really interesting to look at all the animals. It also has a birthing center where you can see livestock giving birth to babies. In conclusion, the livestock at the State Fair is a big reason to why thousands of people visit it each
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