Minnie And Minie: A Fictional Narrative

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The smile that spread across her face when Minnie offered to help her hadn’t faded or disappeared, it was as strong as ever. Uttering out a content sigh, she lowered her fork to the table, head tilting off to the side. “I have been to the Library, I wasn’t too sure how to go about looking up the information.” She mused, head bobbing up and down, “I’m sure if I was able to stick around the place longer I would have stumbled across some type of information on them.” She spoke, her voice low. In a swift motion she tilted her head to the other side. “I would love to work as a waitress a few nights a week.” She stated with a nod. This was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

She shook her head, a small giggle escaped her lips. “I absolutely love that idea Minnie, it will give me a chance to ask those I don’t know about the floating lanterns. It will also allow me to make some new friends.” She spoke, her voice full of joy. Reaching her hand out she grabbed hold of a napkin, lifting it to her face where she would wipe off the excess cake that might have been at the corners of her lips. Lowering the napkin back to the table she slide her hand across the stable, tapping at it lightly. “You are such a big help already, you allow me to work here.” She stated.
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Not because she didn’t want too but because she really didn’t know how long she had been in Waltown. She knew how long she was away from Her mother, Gothel. She just didn’t know how long she had been in Waltown. “Well,” She spoke with a hint of confusion, “I’m not really sure, I know it’s been awhile.” She added, head bobbing up and down once again. Lifting her right hand, she brought it to scratch at the back of her head, “I’ve been in Waltown long enough to make friends and even get a
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