Minny Jackson in 'The Help': Character Analysis

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Minny Jackson, yep, that’s her. As simple as her name may seem, her personality was quite different. Minny is a strong, independent, and brave black woman due to how she was raised, and how society, along with her husband, treats her. When you think of the harsh years of the early 1960s, the first thing that might come to mind would be the discrimination that separated the whites, from the blacks. Colored maids were a big aspect in the reading of The Help, in fact, Minny was one of them. Through the difficult stages of the story, Minny's extremely strong and independent character will be uncovered between the pages. Although Minny should keep her honest thoughts to herself, more often than not, her brassy words and bold personality keep…show more content…
On the other hand, Minny approached the situation involving Hilly, much differently. Instead of doing what Jordan did by writing a letter and being kind, Minny made Hilly a ‘shit pie.’ The reactions of the two were much different, but the circumstances were the same. Both Minny and Jordan were treated poorly by their masters. Jordan tackled the aspect of a kind response perfectly, almost like a “Kindness Kills” type of motive. Meanwhile Minny did not.
Being a black woman at this time, standing up for yourself against a white women was unheard of. But even growing up, Minny's mom strived to mold her to into the best, most respectful girl to be, by making ‘rules’ to follow. Minny wasn't for it, and it’s visible through her actions in the book. She'd rather speak and act upon her views, rather than throw out fake kindness just because it was the upright thing to do. “I saw the way my mama acted when Miss Woodra brought her home, all yes Ma'aming, No Ma'aming. I sure do thank you Ma'aming. Why I got to be like that? I know how to stand up to people.”
Minny has a husband named Leroy, along with a family of five. Outside of her homelife, Minny was quite the strong lady, but when it came to arriving home to her husband, her character was flipped upside down. Leroy abused Minny. Around Leroy and his belittling acts, Minny would become rather weak and defenseless. She loved Leroy. She didn't want to do anything to put her at risk
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