Minoan Demise

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The Decline of the Minoan Civilization Makeeba Charstaon Strayer University Professor Anne Keyes Hum111 11/3/2015 The Decline of the Minoan Civilization Minoan Crete was a major civilization in its time, but several theories have been advanced to explain its demise, including speculations associating it with mythical Atlantis. What were the causes of the Minoan Civilization’s decline? State the mystery and provide a brief summary of 2 reasonable scholarly theories. Identify one of the theories as the most plausible and provide at least two convincing reasons. In researching this topic “there are essentially two main theories that have been invoked to explain the demise of Minoan civilization, but neither matches the observed…show more content…
Hendrik Bruins took some soil samples which showed sea microorganisms and species, in places that no known phenomenon could explain their existence. The only way they could have been deposited on the land of Crete was by a tsunami. The tidal wave caused by Santorini Volcano travelled and hit the shores of Crete, destroying the plantations, the crops, the ships and commerce, devitalizing and deviating the Minoan Civilization. The Minoan ports and infrastructures were destroyed by the 50 feet waves and were never rebuilt.” (Minoan Civilization, 2015) Another theory is that the Minoan civilization on Crete was wiped out due to “massive earthquakes and large amounts of ash that fell on the island from the volcano. It was believed that the earthquakes caused the palaces to crumble, and the ash choked off light and killed plants, leaving the survivors to starve. However, recent research suggests otherwise. Most of the ash from the volcano fell in the opposite direction from Crete, and Crete seems to have suffered only a slight dusting of ash. More destructive was a massive tsunami that resulted from the eruption and devastated the Minoan settlements on the northern coast of Crete. Earthquakes associated with the volcanic eruption also likely took their toll on Minoan urban life, but there

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