Minor And Major Problems Have Occurred During This Reporting Period

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Minor and major problems have occurred during this reporting period. At the end of each shift, I am responsible for closing out my computer and printing out my paperwork for the day. After printing out the paperwork, documentation was shown that I did not recall doing under my keys. This is a common problem for working at the front desk. Another front desk employee was working under my keys and mistakenly forgot to complete the additional documentation needed for the submissions she made on my computer. The issue was that a guest needed a movie charge taken off. Whenever this happens, an allowance sheet must be filled out explaining the reasoning for the charge being taken off. I was not allowed to leave until I searched within the history records to find out who initialed under my keys. The individual was shockingly a manager. My way of resolving this issue from reoccurring is to log on and off of every time I step away from the computer. Regardless of whether I step in the back office or go on my lunch break. That will prevent instances such as a simple movie charge to prevent me from leaving work. A more major problem that everyone is guilty of at some point is not collecting a method of payment at check in. This is vital to obtain from all guests. If I do not collect a method of payment then I have to immediately put a stop charge on the room. This then disables a guest from making a purchase from anywhere inside the hotel. My process of resolving this issue is to make
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