Minor Characters In Crime And Punishment Essay

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Three Minor Characters Symbolize One Main Character Rarely does one character in a novel have as many personalities and surprising actions as Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov certainly does in Crime and Punishment. That is one of the reasons that the scene with the young drunk girl on pages forty-three through forty-eight is vital to the novel. Undeniably, it reveals something about Raskolnikov that we don’t necessarily notice elsewhere in the novel, however, it also makes the characterization of Raskolnikov seem clearer. In this scene, Raskolnikov comes across a fifteen-year-old girl who is stumbling around in a strange manner. He rapidly realizes that she is drunk, which is odd given her young age. He also notices that her clothes are torn inappropriately. He then sees a pedophilic man standing off to the side, who appears to be trying to take advantage of the girl. When Raskolnikov confronts the man, he is offended, yet he does not seem to be deterred in his ultimate aim of getting the girl. Then, a police officer enters the…show more content…
In the first place, Raskolnikov has committed murder, which is definitely a crime. However, what truly clinches this analogy is what Raskolnikov calls the man. “Hey you, Svidrigailov!” (44). Obviously, this is primarily a direct reference to the character in the novel, Svidrigailov, the pedophile who we just learned about in the letter. Though the similarities between Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov have not been introduced yet in this scene, we will see later in the novel that they have quite a few similarities and develop an odd sort of friendship between them. For example, both men have odd, vivid dreams that reveal much of their personalities. Additionally, both men contemplate suicide, though only one man commits it. In this way, calling the man Svidrigailov, who we later learn is similar to Raskolnikov, shows that the two criminals in this scene are quite

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