Minor Characters In The Book Thief

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The major effects of minor characters
Don’t judge a book by its cover. There are countless examples of this famous saying. One of such is in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, where minor characters are not as insignificant as they may seem. Minor characters in The Book Thief had life changing effects on Liesel Meminger. These characters, of which there are three, are Adolf Hitler, Werner Meminger, and Ilsa Hermann.
It could be argued that Adolf Hitler impacted every human being. At least this is true in The Book Thief as Hitler effects every character in some manner, and no character is affected more than Liesel Meminger. Hitler causes Liesel living with the Hubermanns, Max meeting Liesel, and the death of Liesel's friends. First of all, actions of Hitler's Nazi party resulted in Liesel's mom abandoning her. Dialogue from the book indicates that it is likely that the Nazi's took Liesel's mom away because she was a communist. Liesel asks "'Did the Fuhrer take her away?'" (Zusak 115) to which Hans replies "'I think he might have, yes'" (Zusak 115). Assuming that Hans is right, this explains why Liesel's mom abandoned her; she feared the Nazi's and what they might do to her family. Of course, anyone with a basic knowledge of World War Two would know that this is entirely believable, as communists were one of Hitler’s many enemies. Similarly, Hitler's Nazi party also causes Max Vandenburg to ask Hans for refuge. Obviously, Hitler was very Anti-Semitic, which meant that in Nazi
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