Minor Characters Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Any piece of literature would not be complete without the simple pairing of major characters and minor characters. Although major characters make up most of the storyline, minor characters support it and easily add to important elements of the story. This is evident throughout the novel, The Great Gatsby, written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. This novel has a narrator by the name of, Nick Carraway, and over the course of the novel, he learns about many other minor characters namely Dan Cody, Meyer Wolfshiem and Jordan Baker. F.Scott Fitzgerald strategically placed these minor characters in the story to act as key instruments in the plot to add details to the story, to support the characterization of the main character, Jay Gatsby, and also to add to the overall theme of the book. In The Great Gatsby, minor characters are essential to the progression of the plot because it is through minor characters where we learn about the personalities and lives of the major characters.

First, the first minor character that is introduced in the novel is Jordan Baker. Jordan serves multiple purposes throughout the story. She is there to serve as a faint love interest for Nick and she is there early on in chapter 2-3 to tell Nick the extravagant story of the mythical Jay Gatsby. She is also there, to further the theme that is, the declination of morality, leading to the corruption of the “American Dream”. Jordan Baker comes from a wealthy family like many of the major characters and is spoiled,
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