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The majority of the 300+ million people currently living in the U.S. are the White race; this is the case in 49 of the fifty states, with the exception of Hawaii. White race includes both Hispanic Americans and Non Hispanic Americans. The Hispanic Americans hold the highest portion of the population in the Midwest of the United States, while the Non-Hispanics make about 79 percent of our population. The common ancestries are from Europe and the Middle East. They came to North America and homesteaded here learning from the natives. After time, more of Europe sailed over and the population grew. The White American has been the most promenade race in the United States since Columbus sailed to North America. The natives taught the Europeans…show more content…
I believe that laws have been used greatly to reinforce discrimination throughout the years by this I imply that people are being judged and denied the opportunity of acquiring respect and chances of achieving their goals because certain laws either intentionally or not are preventing them from doing so. One example can be how the society views weight as well as personal appearance as characteristics which an individual can control, here we go back to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which does not prevent any employer from actually judging and discrimination another employee or applicant of the job based upon their appearance or weight. Another example against a race, most people belonging to the African or Hispano origin struggle to actually be hired at a variety of workplaces this is mainly because there is a very distinct immigration law just like Arizona’s new law which prohibits several individuals from being hired for a number of reasons, different papers requires which act as an excuse to prevent these people form actually getting a good work or position these laws were directly intended to Africans and Hispanic illegally immigrated people. Although many laws have been implemented in the wrong way and have been either unintentionally or intentionally reinforcing discrimination, they have also been used to eliminate it. There are many laws nowadays especially those which are implemented at work which prevent any workplace discrimination or workforce
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