Minority Attitudes Towards the Police and Public Perceptions Essay

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Quantitative Literature Review: Minority attitudes towards the police and public perceptions Introduction-Background-Problem Individuals who seem to be more unhappy with police are African Americans. But there is little to no factors that truly engage citizen's view of the police Brown and Benedict (2002). The specific parts on attitudes are reliable, but the literature seems to lead to mixed signals based on other variables Weitzer and Tuch (2002). Perceptions of the police includes factors like personal experience, vicarious experience and mass media. For example, public’s experiences with the police, what individuals learn from friends and/or acquaintances, and what's learned from the media Gallagher et al. (2001). Definitions of…show more content…
This could simply be instance of the agents of control, impos(ing) the labels on the less powerful Akers (1994, pg. 24). Weitzer/Tuch(1) The purpose of the study was to identify views of citizens on the police. These views included; police misconduct, perceptions of police racial bias, and evaluations of and support for policing reforms Brown, Ben, and William Benedict (2002). Data was recovered from a national survey of the United States conducted by authors between the months of October through December of 2002 (Whites, African Americans, and Hispanic adult residents of metropolitan areas). The sample data is similar of individuals residing in telephone households in urban and suburban areas with a minimum of 100,000 individuals. The researchers performed race comparisons-within the survey-in which Blacks and Hispanics were significantly to a lesser extent of education and lower incomes; younger; live in cities rather than suburbs; live in neighborhoods with more serious crime; feel less safe in their neighborhoods; report greater exposure to media coverage of police misconduct; and have more frequent experiences with, and greater perceptions of, both police racial bias and police misconduct. The findings included; racial differences in attitudes towards police,the demographic factors, neighborhood crime conditions, citizens experiences, and mass media Brown, Ben, and William
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