Minority Migration

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The argument that the author states regarding a decline in Church attendance due to migration and what else to attribute it to. He speaks of a minority migration diluting the Christian base, and in conjunction with new spirituality and “the nones” making the percentage of attendees trending down. I don’t believe it is due to migration of minorities with other religious beliefs, albeit a factor in the overall percentage of regular Christian church attendees.
It’s no secret that the number of weekly Churchgoers has taken a serious hit, beginning in the late 1980’s and continuing to the current date. This is a global occurrence, although the US percentage has reached a point that some mainstream Churches’ are currently looking into alternative service techniques to fulfill the needs of its’ congregation, from web based services to video streaming. The current culture has caused most Churches to make a seismic shift in how they will do ministry in the future and it is due to a variety of reasons, but they all are connected with a person's’ time to commit to attending.
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The middle class is shrinking and with it the affluent is rising, and they chose one of the many options they can afford from technology to travel as opposed to attending mass on a weekly basis.
The primary distraction for middle and affluent families with children to defer attending Church is the rapid incline of kids’ activities that now occur on Sunday’s disrupting the weekly church attendance. The advance of “travel” teams and Sunday being the day of departure, has displaced Sunday Church attendance as a family and patronizing your parish in a variety of
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