Minority Minorities : Praising Minorities For Acting As White As Possible

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Model Minorities: Praising Minorities for Acting as White as Possible In America’s attempt to create a social hierarchy, we have historically classified people based on their appearance. Our country has been ruled by white males since its beginning, with minorities treated as lesser beings and, our historical narrative reflects that. Within the last 50 years our country has attempted to make strides towards changing this narrative through the civil right’s movement and changes in modern perspectives. Despite these attempts, things are still not even close to being equal. However, some “model minorities” have found it easier to adjust to our dominantly white culture. Because of America’s continuous institutionalized racism, our country favors minorities who favor them; we typically like Asians and light skinned Latinos. Not only do these minorities favor the white majority physically, but they also assimilate into our system with little to no resistance. African Americans are typically viewed as complete opposites of what I’ve described above—our modern stereotypes perpetuate African Americans as angry, aggressive people. Through racial stereotypes that maintain that lighter skin is more favorable, we are creating a system that results with African Americans at the bottom of our social hierarchy. Although most white Americans wouldn’t admit it, we attribute certain stereotypes to different ethnicities. Each race has a series of characteristics that we use to define

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