Essay on Minority Report

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KANT EXERCISE 1. Does the fallibility of the system—the fact that “minority reports” suggest that some few of those treated as murderers had a “possible alternative future” in which they would not actually have committed the crime— make that system morally unjustifiable according to Act Utilitarianism? According to Act Utilitarianism, the act that makes the greatest happiness to the group will be morally permissible. In fact, a person who is criminal will be judged by his ability to hurt other or committing a crime. The consequence of arresting the potential murderer will help to maximize victim and their family’s utility. Otherwise, if we choosing to refraining from arresting, murderer will be happy; and the victims…show more content…
In my opinion, the precrime system of permanently jailing would-have-been murderers is not morally better than the alternative systems. A person should be given a chance to change their fate before being detained. If the murderer is warned about their precogs’ visions of their future crimes, it would be more morally justified. According to Act Utilitarianism, this action will minimize pain for both sides. However, because crime can be motivated by many factors such as emotion instability, financial hardship, etc, it could happen unpredictably. Therefore, the alternative of detaining the crime temporarily would be better than permanent detained. The pain of being detained is less than the potential pain of the victims and their family; so it is morally permissible. This helps to prevent potential crime in the Minority Report. 3. Are the “precogs” being used in a way that violates the second formulation of Kant’s moral law? Yes, the ‘precogs” have been used in a way that violates the second formulation of Kant’s moral law. In fact, the second formulation has stated that people should be treated as humanity not as means. In other words, it is not morally right to “use”
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