Minority Set Aside Programs

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Minority Set-Aside programs, such as the Small Contractors Set-Aside Program, are contract award preference programs intended for state based small contractors. In the state of Connecticut, Small contractors are classified as those: 1) which have been in business for a minimum of one year; 2) that maintain its primary place of business in the State of Connecticut; and 3) with a prior years ' gross revenue of less than $10,000,000. This essay will discuss the issue of minority set aside programs and the moral implications of trying to improve the employment and educational opportunities of women and minorities through state and federal legislation (Policy Link, 2005).
The traditional beliefs and stereotypes that have been perpetuated
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For example, in the fiscal year 2002, women owned firms representing approximately 28% of all business in the Unites States have only acquired 2.9% of multi-billion dollar federal government contracts (Eliminating Racism, 2004).
According to statistics, affirmative action programs have fueled the fire behind the income, promotion, and labor force participation of women and minorities. For example in 2001, Minority owned businesses were growing at a rate of 17% per year, that is six times the growth rate of all firms nationwide; Women owned businesses totaled 9.1 million, generated $3.6 trillion in sales and employed 27.5 million workers (Minority Business Challenge, 2002).

Minority owned businesses are currently focused on the construction industry for the following reasons (Policy Link, 2005):
1. Construction is a highly profitable industry that has the ability to support workers with decent wages.

2. The construction industry depends a great deal on public money from federal, state, and local governments in view of the fact that they are responsible for building roads, schools, transportation systems, etc.

3. The construction industry, as confirmed by history, has been dominated by white men, due to union membership
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