Minors and Abortion: Parental Consent Must be Mandatory

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How can a child make the decision for the life of another child by themselves? In this paper I will outline the mental, physical, and safety issues of minors (age 18 and under) having an abortion and why it is so important that they need to get parental consent before making this life long decision. Talking about abortion brings out an emotional response in many women. This is because having an abortion takes a massive emotional toll on some women. As Nanyjo Mann said, three weeks after having an abortion, “I became preoccupied with the thoughts of death. I fantasized about how I would die. My baby struggled for two hours” (Reardon, 1987, p. xviii). In the forward of the book “Aborted Women, Silent No More” Nanyjo, a women telling …show more content…
I think most would feel terrible. Having a law that enforces girls, under 18 years, to inform their parents when she wants to get an abortion would make the process much easier and safer on the child and the family. It would also make parents feel like better protectors to know what’s going on in their daughters life and help her make the correct decision. There are also the suicide rates of women who have had abortions to think about. As shown in a table from the book Woman’s Health After Abortion, The Medical and Psychological Evidence (Ring-Cassidy and Gentles p. 197 Table 14-2) the U.S annual suicide rate per 100,000 women aged 15-44 who have not had an abortion is 5.2 and the number that have had an abortion is 7.8. The number who have had abortions is significantly higher, relating back to the emotional struggles of abortion . If your daughter was in so much pain and depression that she decided to commit suicide over the issue, how would you feel not even knowing about it? By talking to your child about it and being there for them along the way there would be less of a risk of unfortunate situations such as suicide, depression and post abortion complications. On the other hand, privacy and confidentiality are very important things that doctors and other health care workers take seriously. In many states you do not need parental consent for getting an abortion when you are under 18 (2009, Rutgers University). Where this is the case,
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