Minseok Alternate Ending

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"How does it look?" Minseok turns to face Luhan with a gritty expression, nose turned up and lips persed as he fumbles with the bow atop his head. He turns his head to glare into the mirror in front of him, lowering his head and upper body in a slant in order to get a good look at the top of his head. The bow is a baby pink made of silk whilst decorated with tiny orange polka dots. Minseok thinks its girly but the moment he had seen it, he knew it would be the one he wanted. Whether or not he wore it outside was the question remaining unanswered. He looks back to his friend when he doesn't recieve an answer, staring into blank eyes that hold no response. "So?" Luhan seems to drift back into reality as his brows furror and knit together and…show more content…
He nearly forgets to breathe but manages to draw in a quick breath, momentarily causing him to wheez into his hand. He's surprised, and it shows with how he doubles over and holds his stomach with his arm, couching into the crook of his elbow. "I-I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have-" Luhan moves over albeit hesitantly and grabs Minseok by his shoulders, holding him up with steady hands and attempting to see past Minseok's long hair. "Listen, I," Luhan starts before Minseok stops him by pressing a hand to his chest. "Be quiet, please," Minseok grits through his teeth without ease, holding up his upper body by grasping one of Luhan's shoulders while Luhan holds him up as well. Minseok takes as long as he needs to gather the information, the feelings that tangle together like his headphones the minute he leaves them on his bed for a few minutes. The knots in his stomach don't subside and his heart pounds irregularly. What should he say? Think? The silence is uncomofortable and Minseok wonders if anything could go back to before the confession, before everything had changed in amatter of
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