Mintzberg Schools of Thought

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Mintzberg’s Ten Schools of Thought about Strategy Formation Model The Design School A process of conception Approach Clear and unique strategies are formulated. The internal situation of the organisation is used to match the external environment. Basis Architecture as a metaphor. Contributions Order. Reduced ambiguity. Useful in relatively stable environment Support strong and visionary leadership. The Planning School A formal process A rigorous set of steps are taken, from the analysis situation to the execution of the strategy Gives clear direction. Enables resource allocation. Control The Positioning School An analytical process It places the business within the context of its industry and…show more content…
Explains resistance to strategic change and helps to deal with mergers and acquisitions. Politics can be divisive, uses a lot of energy, causes wastage and distortion and is costly. Can lead to aberrations. Can lead to having no strategy or just doing some tactical manoeuvring. Overstates the role of power in strategy formation. Bases of Social Power Power Distance Stakeholder Value Perspective Core Group Theory Force Field Analysis Stakeholder Mapping Vague, can feed resistance to change and can be misused to justify status-quo. Give few clues on how things should become. Appreciative Inquiry Cultural Dimensions Cultural Intelligence Ashridge Mission Model Page 2 Mintzberg’s Ten Schools of Thought about Strategy Formation Model The Environmental School A reactive process The Configuration School A process of transformation the organisation. Approach The strategy is a response to the challenges imposed by the external environment. Where the other schools sees the environment as a factor, the Environmental School sees it as an actor. Strategy formation is a process of transforming the organisation from one type of decision-making structure to another. Basis Biology Contributions Give a central role to the environment in strategy formation Limitations The dimension of the environment is
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