Mintzberg 's Management Competency Theory

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1, Introduction:
The improvement of market competition, the demand of manager’s competency are increasing, while, what demand should successful managers have? Mintzberg used 10 job roles to describe a good manager’s work which are three information roles: monitor, disseminator and spokesperson, three interpersonal roles: figurehead, leader and liaison, and four decisional roles: entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator. Thus, this essay will be based on Mintzberg’s management competency theory, then use two management competency models to compare my experience as a manager. Moreover, in this essay, i will put forward my strengths and weaknesses as a manager.

2, Two management competence models
2.1, A competence model of Boyatzis
Richard Boyatzis in his book “The competent manager” (1982) developed a competence model of successful managers. This model is one which Boyatzis researched form over 2000 managers in 12 organization. According to this survey, he has defined some competencies which can distinguish an organization’s top managers.
This competency model has two dimensions which are levels of each competency, such as, the skill level and social role level, and types of competency, such as, influencing and planning. Moreover, the main purpose of this model in order to discover which competencies can help managers perform effectively, when they face a variety of work. As a consequence, Boyatzis concluded four clusters which are the goal and…
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