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In a perfect world, your employees would show up to work on time, and they'd never clock in for each other. They'd be incredibly productive and add thousands of dollars in value to your business. That Utopian society, however, does not exist. We'd love to believe that we can trust every employee that walks through the office, but unfortunately, that is just not the reality. With fingerprint time attendance software from MinuteHound, you can at least take control over attendance and the workplace and know who clocks in and out of work. On average, time theft costs business owners thousands of dollars every year. That is not just in stolen time. In some cases, if you dispute an employee's time spent on the job, the disgruntled employee will…show more content…
MinuteHound understands this fear of new technology, which is they offer around the clock support, and the system is very straightforward. Pretty much all you have to do is plug it in and start using the fingerprint time attendance software. There are no steep learning curves, and you do not need guidance to make use of the system. The best part is how MinuteHound lets business owners try their technology risk free, and there are no obligations to buying it if you decide that you are better off with the time cards. For most people, the fingerprint time attendance software from MinuteHound will cost entrepreneurs a few pennies per day. That becomes a solid investment when you consider how this system eliminates all forms of time theft. Because no one in the world has the same fingerprint it becomes next to impossible for anyone to steal time in the workplace. In addition to the fingerprint time attendance software, there is also a no scanner option that lets employees log into the system using a PC, iPad, Mac or Smartphone and record their time. When this happens, MinuteHound places a timestamp on the login, and they record the IP address of each punch. In that way, you will know if your employees are working or somewhere
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