Miracle Analysis

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In the movie titled "Miracle", the United States (U.S.) is a downtrodden country that is suffering from a poor economy, anti-war protests, Watergate, Three Mile Island, and U.S. citizens being held hostage by Iran Forces. The U.S. was in need of a positive omen that would give the people hope that better things were to come. A young college hockey team, with a coach that uses an unconventional coaching style, had only seven months to train before the Olympics. Moreover, deliver that omen - a gold medal. Vision Coach Brooks' vision was to pull twenty young men from varying backgrounds and colleges together to stand as one team. He instilled in these young men a confidence that they could accomplish anything if they set their mind to…show more content…
Also when delivering bad news he did it face to face with compassion, instead of skirting the issue and having the assistant coach do it. The players had earned his respect and he felt that they deserved to hear pertinent information from him. The physical and mental demands during practices was grueling, but the coach knew that if they had the determination to fight through the physical pain and mental stress that they would have the passion to win. Over time the coach earned the undying respect and trust of each player. Their dedication was so apparent that the coach only had to walk through the locker room and not say a word to express his disappointment in the team after the loss to the Russians during the scrimmage before the Olympic games. It was excruciatingly more painful for the team to disappoint the coach than to lose that scrimmage. In summary, it is important to vary our management style to fit the situation as Coach Brooks exhibited. You must display and promote strong leadership skills that fit the situation at hand, so that your team (subordinates) learns to function as a whole instead of individuals with self oriented goals. References Producer, Mark Ciardi & Director, Gavin O'Connor & Writer, Eric Guggenheim. (February 6, 2004). Miracle (Motion Picture). Studio, Walt Disney
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