Miracle Drug Or Cop-Out Essay

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Attention Deficit Disorder better known as ADD and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ADHD are diseases mostly discovered in children that have difficulty staying on task and focused in a classroom setting. Children take certain medications to help them concentrate and stay on task. Parents believe that medicating students will allow them to better fit in school. Schools believe that if students take these certain medications, it will help them perform better on assignments and on tests. Teachers think that students will be able to adapt to the learning curriculum better. In the text “Ritalin: Miracle Drug or Cop-Out?” it talks about what causes ADHD, a medication called Ritalin, and how the brain cooperates on Ritalin. When identical twins are born and one of them is diagnosed with ADHD, 51 percent of the time the other twin is diagnosed as well. ADHD is not genetically determined. If it was, that means the rates for identical twins would be 100 percent. In the section “The Brain on Ritalin” it says “The catecholamine referred to in the phrase “catecholamines hypothesis” are among the dozens of special chemicals in the brain, known as neurotransmitters, that make it possible…show more content…
Teachers say that they fit to the learning curriculum better while they take these ADHD medications. Children don’t need to fit to the educational system. The educational system needs to fit to the wide range of children. All children learn differently. Instead of using drugs, they need to use behavior therapies. Some schools think the more kids they have taking the medicine the better test scores will be. Education testing policy is to blame for ADHD diagnosis explosion. The number of children diagnosed with ADHD has doubled in the past two decades,some say the reason lies in educational
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