Miracle Rising: South Africa

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Miracle Rising is the story about the end of the apartheid and the transition to a new democracy that took place in South Africa. The story is narrated through the personal and intimate accounts from politicians, world leaders, celebrities, and journalists in which the inspiring story of the journey from apartheid and democracy. Miracle Rising is not only a testament to the political accomplishments that were made in South Africa, but to the growth of humanity. People, both ordinary and iconic, were able to find compassion within themselves and thus helped a nation to not only avoid a civil war, but to reach overall forgiveness for the greater good of the society. In this special, it also reveals the crucial decisions, audacious leaps of faith, and tragedies that lead to making an impossibility become a reality. Miracle Rising shows everything from Nelson Mandela’s decision to learn Afrikaans while in prison, all the way to the difficult decisions that had to be taken in order to enable their enemies and thus lead them to achieve peace. Mandela, also known as “Madiba”, was imprisoned for 27 years and “Nelson Mandela, a man coming out of jail and saying you know what lots of us are still angry but that doesn’t preclude us from forgiving. It’s a lesson that the world really needs to remember.”rose to become South Africa’s first black President. Mandela was arrested on August 5th, 1962 on the charges of inciting workers to strike and leaving the country without valid travel
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