Miracle Social Impact on Leadership

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Miracle Social Impact on Leadership The movie my collaborative group decided on was Miracle. The movie was about, Herb Brooks, who was the USA hockey coach. He was the man who orchestrated one of the greatest upsets in sports history, the miracle on ice to defeat the Soviet Olympic Hockey Team by the Olympic Squad of the United States in 1980. The topic I selected was, how is leadership portrayed in popular culture? So, I decide to take the approach of David and Goliath. I feel that this story is played out in real life with this movie. The Soviet Union would play the role as Goliath. The Soviet Hockey juggernaut during the Cold War their hockey supremacy was almost unchallenged. The men making up the team were amateur players in name…show more content…
He was also a lot more flexible in his decision making which allowed him to think on his feet quite adeptly. Tikhonov wasn’t so used to flexibility and this is what likely caused him to make what he described as the worst decision of his career: benching his star goalie Tretiak at the start of the second period. Putting the best goalie in the world on the bench was a tremendous morale booster to the U.S. team. This turning point was quickly portrayed in the movie with Coach Brooks commenting to his team, “You just put the best goalie in the world on the bench.” This movie portrayed the type of leader who can build an excellent team and get them to catch your vision of success and turn them loose to make it happen. Brooks gave tons of motivation by speech to his team before the game. Brooks says, “Tonight we will be the best hockey player in the world…and you were meant to be here tonight and this is your time.” Brook in telling them that even though the Soviet may be the better team but we can win tonight. This Leadership is something that was needed for the USA at the time of the Cold War and the Soviet Union’s dominance in hockey and gymnastics in the Olympics. Miracle showed overcoming this hurdle or the Soviet Union and how Brooks’ went form a good leader to being a great leader. This win was probably the biggest a upset in Sports history because they were underdogs just like

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