Miracles Of Jesus : Fact Or Faux

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Miracles of Jesus: Fact or Faux

Throughout the Gospels, we read about the good news of Jesus which entails His life, teachings, and resurrection. During Jesus’ time on earth, it is documented that he performed a vast amount of miracles that only one of a spiritual being could complete. Written is that he fed 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish, walked on water, and allowed the blind to see. These miracles are only the beginning. The question many philosophers and skeptics ask today is whether or not these miracles occurred, simply for the reason that they are outside the realm of science. Jesus was known and remembered as one who had extraordinary powers and if enough historical evidence is provided, one can see Jesus was a miracle worker and executed these miracles as they are documented in the Bible. During the course of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, rationalistic views of deism and materialism came about. The deism view reveals that God created the world and then left it to run by natural laws, as if on a clock schedule. The materialistic view holds that the world is just a ball of cause and effect with no outside intervention. As a philosophy, this means all of reality can be explained through the natural laws of matter and energy; making miracles appear outside the realm of scientific explanation (Strauss 456). David Hume, a well-known philosopher of the eighteenth century who agreed with these philosophies, argued that human…

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