Miracles in Sports

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A miracle on ice happened during the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. These Olympic games were being held in the midst of the Cold War and ironically the finalists in men’s hockey were hosting a war of their own. A battle for the gold medal was taking place and the two teams battling for glory were the underdog USA team and the best team in the world, the Soviets/Team Russia. This specific game is one of legend because it really was a “miracle on ice” watching the underdog USA team defeat the untouchable Soviets. The main purpose of this study is to examine the infamous locker room speech given to the United States men’s hockey team by Coach Herb Brooks. This speech can be analyzed by many different rhetorical theories but this paper will focus on Kenneth Burke’s dramatism pentad. Burke’s pentad encompasses five points: agent, agency, act, scene, and purpose (ADD CITATION). All of these units to the pentad will play a significant role in analyzing Coach Brook’s speech because they are all presented in this act of rhetoric.
Communication and rhetoric in sports has always been an interest to communication scholars. Analyzing the communication used in Coach Brook’s locker room speech lets one understand how Burke’s pentad makes it all work. Burke’s pentad originated, “as a tool used to systematically dismantle and understand the bases of human conduct and motivation”(Ling, 1969, p. 81). This analysis relies heavily on motivation and why the speaker is doing what

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