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"According to Lao-tzu and Taoist followers, joy and bliss were possible only in a world of primitive simplicity. Men could achieve health and happiness only by merging themselves with their environment and living in accord with the laws of the four seasons, by participating with other living creatures in the mysterious equality and thus forget themselves in the Tao," (258-259). A philosophy of health began as the Taoist people backed away from conflict and lived their lives concerned about the physical and social environment. A shift from focusing life on conflicts to concentrating on prevention is what I believe is important in health education today. Throughout the Mirage of Health, Rene Dubos discusses the past of homo sapiens or man as …show more content…
One of the most important lessons I've taken from reading Dubos' work is that humans are capable of incredible adaptation. This is important to me as a future health educator because I can teach students that in any environment or condition we are able to make adjustment accordingly. To begin, biological adaptations are the cause of how homo sapiens look like humans today. The temperature and humidity in an environment reflect the shape of the body living there. For example, "A short, stocky body frame covered with fat helps the Eskimo economize body heat in the arctic climate. In contrast, tribes near the equator in Africa exhibit a tall, lanky, gracile structure which probably helps in dispelling body heat," (35-36). Often times school aged children wonder why someone has a darker or lighter skin tone than themselves. Dubos also suggests that the color of skin show adaptation to the physical environment as well. Depending on where an individual's ancestor lived and adapted, their skin color reflects that. Darker skin tones have the ability to shield the body from ultraviolet light and other radiant energy which is harmful; in contrast, lighter skin can't shield as well, which suggests that it may be unnecessary where they live (37). In addition, I think that the history of disease explained in the book would be beneficial to teach in the schools. The fact that having the sickle-cell trait in

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