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Miranda Fleming
Word Count: 1,674
Defending Slavery: Religion and Race
The history of slavery in the United States divided people by the color of their skin. During the 16th thru 18th century, people of African ethnicity were automatically considered slaves. This not only created a parceling between races but also the demarcation of the northern and southern states of the America. The northern states had asseverated their opposition of slavery while the southern states upheld their concordance with it. Although there is now an overwhelming agreement that slavery was fallacious, Paul Finkelman’s composition of documents called Defending Slavery displays the opposite.
Defending Slavery is replete with proslavery controversy penned
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Religion and race were heavily used to support slavery in every way because not only was a physical characteristic that was easy to see (and new things tent to scare people more often than not) but also because there was a belief that it was ordained by a higher power. I do not morally agree with these themes at all and despite the fact that I think Finkelman did an excellent job displaying the logic that steered society during that time, many of these arguments lack hard evidence to support black enslavement.
The overall theme of religion does not seem to justify the victimization of solely black slaves. The introduction of Defending Slavery shows the differences of a slave’s future compared to when the United States start the African slave trade. The story of Joseph in the bible talks about how he became a slave, but over time he rose to become the first mate of the Pharaoh. The reason this was possible is because slaves were not predetermined by skin color. Amid this time, they were instead taken when cities were conquered by others after a war. “The point here is that no one doubted it could have happened, even though Joseph was a Hebrew and a slave living in Egypt” (Finkelman 8). Joseph’s skin didn’t mark him as a slave so he didn’t have to remain that way; the enslavement of people based on race cannot possibly be
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