Miranda Rights Case

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In 1966 Miranda was arrested for kidnapping and rape. Because of some very tricky loopholes, Miranda walked away a free man. This was because The Supreme Court ruled that his Fifth Amendment was violated. Since then, anytime someone gets arrested they are read their rights, of Miranda Rights which prevents something like what happened in 1966.

At first glance this case can be very confusing. How could someone get away with kidnapping and rape? Miranda even confessed! Reynolds gave an example in his article of a criminal that was arrested for a serious assault. The criminal confessed without knowing he did not have to. The judge thew out his confession and the criminal walked a free man. This is a perfect example of why criminals arrested should be read their rights.
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"The Fifth Amendment provides the right against self-incrimination" (Jones). This is what happens when people "plead the fifth" which in turn gives them the right to not say if they are guilty or not.

In conclusion, the law is filled with legal loopholes. Miranda vs. Arizona is just one example of how someone can get away with such a terrible crime. Thankfully, since that day in 1966, less criminals are getting away with crimes and getting what they
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