Miriam Makeba Research Paper

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Miriam Makeba influenced Texas by singing about civil rights and keeping her stature while being exiled from her country. Life on it’s own has its hardships, but imagine facing discrimination from your home country and countries around the world. Makeba faced an innumerable amount of hardships, yet still stayed true to her roots. She stood on her beliefs and never backed down. claims, “Makeba faced conflict from the moment she was born. She served a six month term at the age of two and a half weeks” (Bigelow and Pendergast). Liptrott writes “Makeba’s family facing further issues. Her father passed away sooner than expected” ( She faced challenges within her home, while also dealing with racial…show more content…
Makeba initially left South Africa to further her career and explore the world. Makeba said, “If I had not left South Africa, I do not think anything would have came out of it, and that is one of the reasons why I left. There was no scope for me there as a black entertainer. In 1958, the South African government passed a law where no blacks could perform in the cities. Anti-apartheid songs are not allowed to be sold or played on the radio. My songs have been banned since 1962” ( She sang in welcoming countries, while still relaying her message to the people in South Africa. “During Makeba’s career, there were strict rules concerning racial inequality in Africa” (apartheid). Gaylord notes “Makeba left the country to pursue her career in other countries, but soon felt regret when her mother passed away and was denied access into South Africa” ( Makeba says, “I never knew they were going to stop me from coming back” ( “Makeba was exiled from her own country because of her stance with apartheid” ( Bigelow and Pendergast comment, “The South African government did not agree or tolerate her opposing views” ( “Makeba being exiled from her home country definitely caught the attention of others. “Many countries gave Makeba citizenship in support. She became a symbol for the world and it’s struggle with racial inequality
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