Miriam by Tuman Capote: Who is Miriam?

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“…one could not be certain witness to anything: Miriam, so vividly there – and yet, where was she? Where, where?” In the fictional short story Miriam by Truman Capote, Miriam is a queer, mysterious little girl who haunts Mrs. H. T. Miller, a widow who lives alone and isolated in an apartment. Throughout the short story, Miriam remains strange and mysterious, and the story ends inconclusively, with the question “who is Miriam?” unanswered. But through evidence found throughout the text, readers are able to speculate who, or what, Miriam is. From my perspective and the evidence gathered, I believe Miriam is a supernatural being; a mischievous Angel of Death who likes to ‘play’ with her victims for a while before she takes them away to…show more content…
When Miriam suddenly appears in Mrs. Miller’s doorstep, her organized lifestyle starts to crumble. Then, towards the end of the story, Miriam comes to her house again, claiming she was going to live with her now. Mrs. Miller by then was afraid of Miriam, and she runs out of her house and went to the first apartment she came to, claiming there was a wicked child who was “about to do something terrible”. There was a couple in that apartment, and the man went to Mrs. Miller’s apartment to see what he could do with Miriam. But when he came back, he said there was nobody there, even though he “looked all over”. When Mrs. Miller asked if there was a large box or a doll, which Miriam had brought with her, the man replied: “No ma’am, I didn’t”. He couldn’t see Miriam, or her belongings. These evidences show that Miriam is a supernatural being. Miriam knows things she could not possibly have known, and does things ordinary people normally wouldn’t, or couldn’t. This can be explained if she is a mischievous Angel of Death playing tricks with her victim, who in this case is Mrs. Miller. As Mrs. Miller observed at the theatre, Miriam has “such a large vocabulary for such a little girl”, which implies that she may be older than she seems, and is hiding something from Mrs. Miller. When Miriam first visited Mrs. Miller’s house unexpectedly, Mrs. Miller asked her: “How did you know where I lived?”, and when Miriam implied that she looked at the phone book, Mrs. Miller said:

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