Mirrored Worlds

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There are many instances throughout literature where two pieces, told by two different narrators, and telling two different stories can be found to have similar textual qualities. This instance can be shown between A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson by Mary Rowlandson herself and Our Nig by Harriet E. Wilson. The stories depict the great suffering of two individuals who express similar qualities in their writings; the qualities being that each piece is a captivity narrative, there is a struggle with faith, and a silenced sexual subtext. The first piece by Rowlandson tells the story of a white Puritan woman. She is captured by Native Americans, and goes through many hardships as she is held against her…show more content…
The second similarity between the two pieces is seen with their struggles with faith. Rowlandson starts off in the beginning of her narrative already a Puritan follower. Her plight through captivity, she says, only strengthened her faith. Many say her narrative to be a religious allegory, telling the tale of her captivity on the surface, but further looking to the deeper journey of faith that she endures. The entire narrative shows Rowlandson’s religious journey, and even while looking at the twenty removes that take place, one can see that each of these removes represent the stages of her spiritual journey. Jordan Stein argues in the “Historiography of Sexuality” that Rowlandson, “suggests that her experience displays God’s truth rather than her own” (483). This other major point seen in her work shows she believes her capture to have been a test of her faith by God himself. In terms of a strengthened faith that is not exactly what is found by Frado in Wilson’s Our Nig. Frado starts off as having no real religious beliefs. At the Bellmonts house she soon befriends Aunt Abby and the Bellmonts son, James, who both have strong religious backgrounds. Throughout the story, both characters hope for a conversion in Frado and push with her to attend church, religious meetings, and to teach her the Bible. Frado also has a strong desire for a conversion because she loves these two characters and wants to make them happy; she however,
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