Mirroring Characters In Wuthering Heights

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Throughout life there will be times when someone would feel betrayed that would cause them to seek for revenge. That way they would feel they are taking matters in their own hands, and giving them a feeling of satisfaction. However, satisfaction would only be temporary, after harming people they love, it ends up causing them and whoever relates to the problem, pain. In Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the protagonist, Heathcliff was abused throughout his life and was betrayed by his love. That is what caused him to seek revenge to whoever had done him wrong. He thought there he would get stratification, but that just end up bring pain to him and whoever that was was part of the problem and to the future generation as well. Bronte…show more content…
For Heathcliff, even though he was the one that plot the revenge he was the one also in pain because he was creating pain to the person he loved. Since his lover betrayed him. In chapter 3, it shows the present when Heathcliff is in pain, calling for the person he loved. ‘“Come in! Come in!”. he sobbed. “Cathy, do come. Oh. Do once more! Oh! My heart’s darling! hear me this time, Catherine, at last!” (p.30). Heathcliff already did his revenge towards Catherine, and thinking it would satisfy him, but it didn 't. Instead throughout the years, he had been thinking of Catherine and hope he could see her. The revenge that Heathcliff plotted, it also affected Hareton. Since Hindley was abused Heathcliff which caused Heathcliff to cause his son to become a servant like what Hindley did to him. Since Hareton became a servant it caused him to lack in education. Since he is in the bottom of the social class it caused him to be vulnerable to be verbally abused by Linton. In chapter 17, it explains how Hareton was suppose to be the one inherit Wuthering Heights, but he wasn 't since Heathcliff revenge toward Hindley was to get all his money which allows him to become the owner of Wuthering Heights. “In that manner Hareton, who should now be the first gentleman in the neighborhood… dependence on his father’s inveterate enemy, and lives in his own house as a servant, deprived of the advantage of wages and quite
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