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MIS 395 Management Information Systems Project 1: Reticent Intelligence Enterprise Spring 2010 – Section 25224 11 March 2010 Group 7 Robert Nunn Kelsea Herzog Stephanie Scott Jenny Hernandez Henry Michaels Reticent Intelligence Enterprises is a new company located in Wichita, KS, that designs, manufactures and sells advanced espionage weapons and spy equipment. Much like the name of the organization states, the firm remains reticent by staying silent to the general audience and choosing to target their products to federal, state and local governments. It currently employs 52 people not including the factory workers. Reticent Intelligence Enterprise employees’ work in a variety of departments including shipping,…show more content…
It is to be done in a timely cost-effective manner allowing for a most efficient distribution process. We will be responsible for providing optional shipping services ranging anywhere from rail freight to overnight airfreight shipping. HARDWARE To begin our IT solution, our company will look at the center point of all technology, which is our on-site data center. In the data center we have 2 physical servers, which are rack mounted with our uninterruptable power supply (UPS). This area also has its own dedicated A/C units. Our servers are designed for virtualization, which means multiple virtual servers can run on one server. These 2 servers also mirror each other and provide an on-site backup. There will be a fiber channel backbone between the 2 physical servers so data can be sent between them as needed. These 2 servers are Intel E 7450 zion, 6 core, 2.4GHz processors with 128GB memory and the operating system is VMware ESXi version 3.5 with 5 300GB 15K RPM drives which give approximately 1.2TB of total disk space. It also includes 4GB network cards with VMware virtual center version 2.5. Also, our company will have a 3 year 24/7 onsite support. By using virtual servers, our company is able to run everything on our physical servers. This includes our ERP, file and print, login server, applications, and mail. Our company will obtain a total of 10 Windows

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