Mis-535 Course Project Proposal

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Implementing a CRM System into the Hospitality Industry

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for:
Managerial Applications of Information Technology
Professor Flores

Table of Contents Abstract 3 Company Information 4 Business Problem 4 High Level Approach 5 Benefits of Solving Problem 6 Business/Technical Approach 7 Business Process Changes 8 Technology Solution 9 Conclusion 10 High-level Implementation Plan 11 Summary 12 References 13

Diamond Cluster Entertainment is trying to build a solid relationship with their loyal customers. For the past few year customer satisfaction have declined
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The casinos at these resorts are crowded daily with adults who share the love and excitement of gambling responsibly. Guest at the hotels and resorts can also enjoy other options for entertainment like spas, shows, concerts, and dining. Guest can also enjoy playing a variety of free casino themed social games which is used for advertising the products and services at the casinos. Today the company is focused on building valuable relationships with their loyal customers to regain market share and boost competitiveness and profitability.
Business Problem
Customers are the backbone of every business which is why building a solid relationship is essential to the success of every business. In order to remain competitive companies must be able to meet the needs and wants of their customers. With new hotels and casinos on the rise in the Caribbean, the hotels and casinos operated under Diamond Cluster Entertainment are struggling to remain competitive. Their competitors are making themselves known via social media and other online marketing strategies. This company is ignoring the importance of social media which is why they are struggling to remain competitive and build a solid relationship with their loyal customers. Their competitors are also investing in loyalty programs that offer customers free rooms, room upgrades, casino credits, and other perks.

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