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Chapter 1 Business Information Systems in Your Career Student Objectives 1. How are information systems transforming business and what is their relationship to globalization? 2. Why are information systems so essential for running and managing a business today? 3. What exactly is an information system? How does it work? What are its people, organization, and technology components? 4. How will a four-step method for business problem solving help you solve information system-relations problems? 5. How will information systems affect business careers and what information systems skills and knowledge are essential? Chapter Outline 1.1 The Role of Information Systems in Business Today How Information…show more content…
The opening case, NBA Teams Make a Slam-dunk with Information Technology, shows students that even the professional sports industry has embraced technology as a way to enhance their employees’ performance and increase their competitive advantage. Students will start to become familiar with the idea that many different kinds of businesses have had to change the way they operate, even the National Basketball Association (NBA). Their new emphasis is on using the Internet and information technology to mine statistical data and turn it into useful information. The challenges facing the NBA show why information systems are so essential today. The NBA is a business as well as a sport, and it needs to help its member teams stay in business and increase their revenues. Section 1.1, “The Role of Information Systems in Business Today”, gives students a feel for the importance of information systems in business today and how they have transformed businesses on the world stage. A good discussion of the six important business objectives outlined in this section allows the instructor and students to openly discuss why businesses have become so dependent on information systems today and the importance of these systems for the survival of a firm. Stress to students that information systems are not a luxury. In most businesses they are the core to survival. This would be a good time to ask students to discuss how their own schools are using

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