Mis Case Study

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MIS Case Studies
Case 1

SystemX Inc. Withdraws Rs. 1 Billion SoftGuide Acquisition Offer
The following is an excerpt from a news article in the Daily Update, March 07, 2010 “SystemX Inc., called off its acquisition of SoftGuide Knowledge Consultants, Friday, saying that 1 Billion was too high a price.” (SoftGuide has a considerable market share in Training and Development services and would therefore help SystemX to diversify and expand its range of services to customers.) “Although SystemX officials would not comment further, several observers said that problems discovered at SoftGuide probably lay behind the decision…. The article said that SystemX feared that SoftGuide’s data-processing system was inadequate to handle the new products
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Budget for research and development. 10. Set up a comparative systems intelligence activity. Questions: a. What can be the drawback of having a formal system as mentioned in point 5? b. Can transparency make organizational responsibility more effective?

Case 3

Unraveling the Jargon
The consultant’s reply was: “In my investigation of your applications portfolios, I’ve applied … to the logical data structures and have discovered a very high frequency – approximately 93.286% - of data embedded in application program logic which is largely responsible for the integrity and synchronization problem currently being encountered. As a solution, I would recommend the design of a master database each of which would employ relational technology to reduce the database to third normal form. This would eliminate the possibility of semantic disintegrity upon querying the database.” Questions: a. Try to guess what the consultant said? b. Justify the use of technical jargon.

Case 4

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Information System in Restaurant
A waiter takes an order at a table, and then enters it online via one of the six terminals located in the restaurant dining room. The order is routed to a printer in the appropriate preparation area: the colditem printer if

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