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Coca-Cola Problems before MIS Implementation and the MIS Solutions Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) has been quite a success, being the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. This organization is a leader in manufacturing, selling and distributing. However, there were problems that occur in their project costs. Based on a case study done by Microsoft in 2009, the company’s Information Systems and Service (ISS) Department had been utilizing a project management software solution where the maintenance agreement had already expired and this is where CCBCC expected an amount of time, money, and effort for upgrading this solution. Therefore in March 2007, the company’s ISS started to search for a better method to…show more content…
Therefore, Global introduced them to Spreadsheet Server and Distribution Manager. They struggled with exporting data from their SAP application into Excel, thus came to realize that they were short of intuitive Excel-based tools to conduct reporting and analysis. In addition to the problems occurring, CCBCC had difficulty in inspecting their Profit and Loss statements in different fashions. Analysis of these income statements came in unusually difficult especially looking at different scenarios at one moment. Furthermore, issues relating to Profit and Loss statements such as duplicating their efforts by manually entering data from their SAP application into Excel gave the company more problems. Thus, CCBCC craved for more efficient ways to examine these statements to determine profit ratios, to look at costs and selling prices and to transfer subtotals more accurately from month to month. So this is where the Spreadsheet Server for use with SAP software comes in, to save the company from a huge amount of time every month in their financial reporting without manually exporting data. There were other challenges faced by the CCBCC. They also wanted to standardize on Microsoft technology, so they turned to Quest for tools to make sure an on-time, on-budget and risk-free migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange 2007. Based on the case study from Quest Software, Inc. in 2010, just like many other organizations, CCBCC had made a strategic decision to standardize on a

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