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Spring 2011 MIS (Management Information Systems) Mid-Term Exam Multiple Choice, True/False, & Short Essay Questions This exam is worth 100 points. You have 1 week to complete this exam. Submit your file through the course website until April 26 (11:59 PM). Please note that late submission is not acceptable. There are three parts to this exam: Multiple choice, True/False, and short essay questions. This is an open book exam – you can use your text books/notes/Internet during the exam (Don’t forget the references). Name:____________________ Student ID: _________________ Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (20 points) 1) The six important business objectives of information technology are new products, services, and business…show more content…
B) increased accuracy. C) speed of computation. D) agility. 25) An industry-wide effort to develop systems that can configure, optimize, tune, and heal themselves when broken, and protect themselves from outside intruders and self-destruction is called A) grid computing. B) utility computing. C) virtualization D) autonomic computing. 26) Which type of software is created and updated by a worldwide community of programmers and available for free? A) software packages B) mashups C) outsourced D) open source 27) A set of self-contained services that communicate with each other to create a working software application is called: A) Web services. B) EAI software. C) SOA. D) SOAP. 28) SaaS refers to A) supplying online access over networks to storage devices and storage area network technology. B) managing combinations of applications, networks, systems, storage, and security as well as providing Web site and systems performance monitoring to subscribers over the Internet. C) hosting and managing access to software applications delivered over the Internet to clients on a subscription basis. D) none of the above. 29) The practice of contracting custom software development to an outside firm is commonly referred to as A) outsourcing. B) scaling. C) service-oriented architecture. D) application integration. 30) Which model can be

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