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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Dell Computer 's use of information systems to improve efficiency and implement "mass customization" techniques to maintain consistent profitability and an industry lead illustrates which business objective? A) improved flexibility B) survival C) competitive advantage D) improved business practices 2) Tata Motor 's new information system, enabling it to automate processes in product design and production engineering planning, is best categorized as a(n) A) TPS B) DSS C) ESS D) KMS 3) As discussed in the chapter opening case, which of the four generic strategies to combat competitive…show more content…
17) Behavioral models of managers find that, from observation, managers A) create a formalized, hierarchic structure of contacts to provide filtered information. B) typically work in a fragmented manner, with only 10% of activities exceeding an hour in duration. C) perform often fewer than 100 activities a day. D) operate best with standardized, predictable, printed information. 18) Mintzberg 's classification of managerial roles outlines which three main categories? A) symbolic, decisional, and interpersonal B) interpersonal, informational, and decisional C) technical, interpersonal, and informational D) symbolic, interpersonal, and technical 19) The role of entrepreneur falls into which of Mintzberg 's managerial classifications? A) informational B) decisional C) interpersonal D) symbolic 20) The concern that data values of an information source fall within a defined range reflects which quality dimension of information? A) consistency B) accuracy C) integrity D) validity 21) The concern that the structure of data is consistent within an information source reflects which quality dimension of information? A) validity B) integrity C) accuracy D) consistency 22) A system that uses data mining to guide senior marketing executive 's decisions about customer retention can be categorized as a(n): A) ESS. B) MIS. C) DSS. D) CDSS. 23) The chapter case discussing Dick 's Sporting Goods stores illustrates the use of A) ESS to enable better decision-making. B) MIS to
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