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MIS IN WALMART SUBMITTED TO: Prof. Vinay Bhushan SUBMITTED BY: GROUP NO 09 SEC B ARPIT PAL SINGH (09) KARAN GUPTA (32) PRACHI AGRAWAL(55) SAURABH BAGLA(77) TUSHAR GUPTA (93) MIS IN WALMART INTRODUCTION A Management information system (MIS) is a system or process that provides information needed to manage organizations effectively. Management information system gives the business managers the information that they need to make decisions. Early business computers were used for simple operations such as tracking inventory, billing, sales, or payroll data, with little detail or structure but now days it has been replaced by the advanced techniques like ERP, EPM, SCM and SAP. Management information systems are distinct from regular…show more content…
It uses a MPP (massively parallel processor) computer system to track stock and movement which keeps it abreast of fast changes in the market .Information related to sales and inventory is disseminated visits advanced satellite communications system. MPP is basically used to track the movement of goods and stock level and information for this is transmitted through advanced satellite communication system. So when the information about movement of goods is transmitted it automatically generate the information and pass it on to transportation department and from there the logistic facility is ensured. Inventory management Wal-Mart invested heavily in IT & communication system to effectively track sales and merchandise inventories in stores across all the outlets in the country. For this company needs to have excellent communication system. And Walmart is using the technique of PRETTY DARN QUICK DISPLAY (PDQ) TECHNIQUE. In this technique the company asked its suppliers to ship goods inshore-ready displays called pretty darn quick (PDQ) displays.Goods were packed in PDQ displays that arrived at the stores ready to be boarded on the racks.WalMart’s employees could directly replace the empty racks at the stores with fully packed racks, instead of refilling each and every item at the racks. HUB AND SPOK SYSTEM - in the early1970s, Wal-Mart became one of the first retailing companies in the world to centralize its distribution system,
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