Mis Week 6 Project

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Week 6 Course Project


Managerial Applications of Information Technology

The goal is to add value to current clients as well as prospects. In addition, the company wants to get busy families and business owners to agree to set appointment in order to meet with a financial service professional. Lastly, the company wants people to utilize its Information Systems.
New York Life Insurance Company was founded in 1845. The headquarters are in New York City. New York Life Insurance Company is a Fortune 100 company and one of the oldest and largest mutual life companies in the United States. The company maintains operations in all 50 states and also services areas in Asia and Latin America. The company has over 60,000 licensed
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By filling out a survey for New York Life Insurance Company, the company will promote the clients business using Google. This is just an appreciation to show that the company appreciates the time that was taken. One Google site that was initiated is https://sites.google.com/site/milestonesresource/. This site provides an incentive for the time that was spent working with New York Life, and provides free advertising to their business and/ or profession.
In the past, I worked with Tempus Resorts. Our marketing department offered couples and individuals, that were pre-qualified, gifts. The gifts offered were items such as amusement park tickets, dinners and even cash. If qualified, you were required to attend a 90 minute no obligation to buy presentation, on the resort. The goal was to get people to buy into the concept of a timeshare resort. In order to receive the gift, they had to sit through the entire 90 minute presentation.
The author uses this type of concept to make a hybrid of incentive to the prospective client based on the clients’ desires.
When we talk about text mining, we are talking about the discovery of patterns and relationships from large sets of unstructured data. This is data that is generated when we type e-mails, have phone conversations, post blogs, complete online surveys, and even tweeting. Mobile devices and the platforms such as Android and iPhone, have amplified digital information. This has enabled
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