Mis in Operations with Example

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Assignment ' 2 Prepared by: Rahul Bangur SMBA08172 Section - C Is MIS Applicable in Management?

By the end of the first year of your MBA program, you would finish all the core courses, allowing you to appreciate the various management areas, particularly Operations Marketing Finance Human Resources You may also ask yourself how MIS fits as a management subject. This assignment will help you relate MIS to the management area of your choice.

You are required to provide a practical example of how MIS can be deployed in one of the four specialization areas listed above. The report should include two integrated components:

I. A discussion of why and how MIS is suitable for the specialization area; identify
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The organization must have some goal. Identifying this goal requires some form of planning, informal or formal. Reaching the goal means identifying some strategies, formal or informal. These strategies are agreed upon by members of the organization through some form of communication, formal or informal. Then members set about to act in accordance with what they agreed to do. They may change their minds, fine. But they need to recognize and acknowledge that they're changing their minds. This form of ongoing communication to reach a goal, tracking activities toward the goal and then subsequent decisions about what to do is the essence of management coordination. It needs to exist in some manner -- formal or informal. The following are rather typical methods of coordination in organizations. They are used as means to communicate direction and guide behaviors in that direction. The function of the following methods is not to "control", but rather to guide. If, from ongoing communications among management and employees, the direction changes, then fine. The following methods are changed accordingly. {text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} {text:bookmark-end} Product and Service Management Product (or service) management includes a wide range of management activities, ranging from the time that there's a new idea for a product to eventually providing ongoing support to customers who have purchased the new product. Every organization

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