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MegaCorp is a large manufacturing firm that operates 5 factories in Dallas, 4 factories in Los Angeles, and 5 factories in Albany, New York. It operates a tightly connected order management system that coordinates orders, raw materials, and inventory across all 14 factories. What type of WAN architecture and WAN service would you recommend? Why?
When designing a WAN, numerous factors must be considered. Organizations attempting to connect multiple factories or offices and remote personnel must take into account a number of variables that will impact overall costs and network functionality. When designing and implementing wide area networks (WANs) that integrate voice, video,
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So therefore, based off the information provided, I would recommend a packet switched architecture, or more specifically a Frame relay with a CIR 45 Mbps WAN service. Frame Relay is packet switched data link layer protocol that handles multiple virtual circuits using High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) encapsulation between connected devices. (Cisco, 2005) In many cases, Frame Relay is more efficient than X.25 and generally less expensive than ATM. Also the data provided does not suggest that MegaCorp specifically has needs for the extensive QoS information that ATM provides that would enable the setting of very precise priorities among different types of transmissions such as high priority for voice and video and lower priority for email. If the company were a consulting firm with a high propensity for needs on bandwidth because of video conferencing or high bandwidth requiring applications then perhaps ATM architecture with a T1 or T3 WAN service might be more suitable. Even though MegaCorp is a large manufacturing firm recommending Ethernet services might prove to be too expensive of a proposal as well and thus causing us to lose the project. The cost associated to having each factory connected by fiber optic cables to the provider’s city wide MAN backbone plus the cost of the Ethernet switch might not be justified by the company’s bandwidth needs.
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