Miscellany Of Dreams Research Paper

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Throughout my life, I have experienced a miscellany of dreams. The abstract ideas that we conceptualize in our dreams have peaked my interest ever since my youth. A majority of these dreams have enlightened my perspective on life. For instance, I have learned to live my life in appreciation due to the hardships that I have faced in my dreams such as death. In some cases, concepts discovered in dreams have allowed inventors to drastically change human life. For example, In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleyev sought to discover the natural order of elements. In his slumber, Dmitri imagined the elements coming together according to “atomic weight, starting with the lightest and ending with the heaviest element sinking into their rightful positions” (Borkan…show more content…
The experiment would have to be performed in a way that caters to the needs of the participant. Given that different people fall asleep under different conditions, a form would have to be filled out prior to the experiment. This will ensure that the participant’s ideal sleeping conditions are met and in turn alleviates one of the extraneous variables of this experiment, the inability to sleep. To further alleviate this extraneous variable, drugs such as sleeping pills or anesthesia, could be administered at the participant’s discretion. On the day of the experiment, the participant is asked to lay across a bed provided by the observers. The lights are adjusted and drugs are administered according to the participant’s request. Once the participant is asleep, a heart rate monitor is fitted to them. The dependent variable is then introduced; the independent variable being music. Two types of music will be played: horrorcore and jazz. In order to subtract background noise, the other extraneous variable, headphones will be used to transmit the music. First, the jazz music will be played and the heart rate will be observed. Then, the horrorcore music will played and the heart rate will once again be observed. If the heart rate of the participant drastically changes while either song is playing, the participant will be awoken and asked to recall what they saw. If jazz produces peaceful dreams or
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