Misconceptions About Burglar

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The average homeowner in Austin probably does not have a clue about the way a burglar operates and selects a target. However, it is certainly a fact that Austin natives might believe a few burglar myths that have circulated around for years. The fact is that those myths might cause more harm than they might think. Those myths tend to underestimate the burglar on several levels. This leads to a number of misconceptions about burglars that needs clearing up. It is important for Austin homeowner's to realize the true facts about burglars in order to stay safe and protect their home.

Burglar Myths Revealed
Burglars Operate At Night
This myth has been circulating around Austin for years. The fact is that most burglaries happen in the daytime, while
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The fact is that most burglars are very clever criminals. It takes a lot of time and intelligence to case an Austin neighborhood and closely analyze the area for vulnerable spots. A lot of planning goes into one burglary. Certainly, a burglary takes a certain mindset and intelligence to plan or execute a successful burglary.

Burglars Sneak In Through Unlocked Windows
This is a myth that is definitely misleading. Of course, some burglars are going to jump at the opportunity to gain access to a home through an open window. However, statistics show that most burglars are just like the homeowner. They like to gain entry through the front door. This is the key reason why the homeowner should install a good deadbolt on their front door, along with a surveillance system. These two steps will deter any burglar and keep the family safe.

Burglars Are Male
Of course, the majority of burglars are still male. However, a rising percentage of burglaries are committed by females too. The fact is that burglary teams might consist of a male and female. The female is seen as a lesser threat and might sweep the neighborhood for homes that are easy targets. Later, they both return to burglarize a soft target home. Soft targets are homes without security systems. In addition, some burglars are committed by solely female criminals that are out to make a quick
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