Misconceptions About Working Parents

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Misconceptions and stereotypes always seem to hinder people's ideas about others. Many times these two separate terms are confused with each other. A misconception is a view that is incorrect because of faulty information. A stereotype is to believe all people of a certain group are the same because certain individuals in that group gave it that reputation. In modern day society we tend to over exaggerate when it comes to stereotypes. Events, languages, and behaviors all tend to make people always look towards the stereotype and not the whole group. Misconceptions unfortunately also give us the wrong ideas and information about someone or something. One such example are parents who work while being parents. Although part of society might…show more content…
Working mothers are tender yet structured when it comes to work and family. Most mothers still provide the love and care children need. For example a mother to be can still work and provide for her baby. Manby modern mothers work all the way up until their due date. Once the baby comes many take maternity leave. This is a concrete example of a working yet nourishing mother. If a mother were to not care about their child immediately after birth the baby would go off to daycare or some other care providing place. Yet why is it that mothers take maternity leave? It is the true nature of a mother to provide for her children first and finances second. Even mothers that work can still provide the love and affection children need. Mothers are not the only ones who deal with misconceptions and hard times though. Fathers can also have an increasingly hard time working and being a parent. In many families fathers are the primary income earners. Yet many times when fathers do not show up to parent-teacher meetings or a daughter's ballet recital, they are seen as selfish and unloving. Yet many fathers have such a busy schedule that often times some of those activities cannot be attended. Yet many children still love their father and see him as a the head of the household. Many fathers have a hard time not being able to spend quality time with the family yet someone has to bring the
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