Misconceptions Caused By The Astronauts In Space

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Have a space race between private companies to get a human around Jupiter and back to earth. The story is told from the perspective of the astronauts in the spacecraft and it will incorporate how the long term effects of space travel change them physical and mentally. Astronauts who are in space for long periods of time face many dangers to their physical and mental health. Long periods of weightlessness can weaken bone structures, facilitate loss of muscle mass and dampen the immune response. [1] On top of that, astronauts in space are confined to small enclosed living quarters and have to see the same people everyday. However, NASA, ESA and other organizations have studied these problems and have come up with methods to mitigate these hazards. Astronauts on the ISS still feel the full effects of Earth’s gravity. A common misconception is that the gravity at…show more content…
In reality, the force of gravity is about 89% as strong at the ISS compared to the surface of earth [2]. The weightless that the astronauts feel is not because of reduced gravitational force from earth, but because the ISS is in free fall. While in freefall, the astronauts and the ISS feel the same downward acceleration toward earth and fall at the same rate. So, although the astronauts experience the same force from the earth, they experience weightlessness because they are constantly falling towards earth. One problem common to long term space flight is decreased structural integrity within the skeletal structure. Due to the weightlessness that astronauts feel while in space, they don’t regularly experience the force of a floor. Newton’s third law states when one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body [3]. For example, the ISS and astronauts inside are pulled down same amount. For the
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