Misconceptions Of Professional Wrestling

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“Professional wrestling’s most mysterious hold is on its audience,” Luke Neely. Professional wrestling has been captivating audiences since the 1860’s but what is professional wrestling and its fans. Pro wrestling is an athletic form of entertainment that is based on the portrayal of highly exaggerated combat. It began in carnivals, shortly after the civil war, and gained widespread popularity in the 1980’s thanks to the reappearance of World Wrestling Federation, WWF, on network television. Although viewed as a barbaric, uneducated group of individuals, professional wrestling fans are a group with many forms of communications through their own slang terms, live events, and blogs.
To begin, there are many misconceptions about wrestling fans,
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The creation of these terms was established to not only describe the wrestlers, but also the fans and the overall show. Most of these terms are used more widely when discussing national promotions, like WWE and Total National Action (TNA), then independent promotions or the indies, like the World Wrestling Alliance (WWA) an indy company based out of Central City, Kentucky. There are basically two types of wrestlers: superstars, who are the male competitors, and divas, who are the female competitors. The superstars and divas can be either heel, a bad guy, or face, a good guy. When the wrestler switches from face to heel it is called a heel turn likewise when they switch from heel to face it is a face turn. The superstar and diva also portray a certain character or ‘gimmick’ when they wrestler, that may continue for a short or long time considering how the fans react to it. When referring to the wrestler’s status level, there are three overall types: the jobber, who is usually a newer, unknown wrestler whose main job is to lose to the better known wrestlers. The jobber may also be considered too “green” or inexperienced and prone to make more mistakes. Then there are the midcarders who wrestle more in the middle of the event and are seen as being a top wrestler but not a big money drawer. The highest status a wrestler can achieve is to be considered a main eventer. A main eventer is seen as the best of the company and one of the top money drawers on the roster and usually get to compete at the end of the show also known as the main event. The individuals who accompany the wrestler to the ring but do not actually complete are referred to as the wrestlers manager or valet. A manager is usually a male who accompanies the wrestler while a valet is usually a female. The main goal of a manager or valet is to put over or hype up
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